Yoogo, the useful keychain

The Yoogo keychain is useful daily in many ways!

In your day to day life, the Yoogo keychain helps you to better hold and handle your keys. It helps:

  • - To avoid dropping your keys;
  • - To take a key out of the bunch without using your other hand;
  • - To grab something else while keeping your keyring at a hand;
  • - And more...

After a while it becomes natural. To learn it fast, see the Yoogo Keychain main site's uses section on the main site: https://yoogo.co/en/

Discreet, if you don't show it, nobody will notice it.

As it is useful daily and comfortable to hold, you are more likely to have it at hand than any other object if an aggression occurs. Its usefullness creates its availability which is the basis of a defense tool's effectiveness.

 Effective for defense